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The audio needs can range from a simple microphone for a guest speaker to a range of stands, mics, monitor speakers, amplified guitars, and more when a musical group performs. The larger the group, the more complex the setup in order pick up the sounds and transmit it to other parts of the building, record the service, or provide our live-streaming audience the full auditory experience.

Some of the things you will need to consider include

  • The type of microphone(s): handheld or mounted on a boom, wired or wireless, headsets;
  • If you need monitor speakers to hear multiple members of the group;
  • If there are specific instruments that need to be picked up for recording purposes that would not be heard on live streaming otherwise;
  • How many people will be using mics simultaneously (soloists, speakers, etc.).

For musical groups, it is HIGHLY ADVISABLE to practice with the audio team on a weekday evening before the event date so that the settings of the digital audio board can be customized and saved for your specific arrangement. If this is not possible, please communicate as much information about the performing group as possible as early as possible (preferably a week or two beforehand) to prepare the audio team for the equipment and people they will need to have ready, then be expected to do a sound check with the full group at least an hour before the event start time.