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Sabbath School

After our main worship service, which starts at 9:30, we offer Sabbath School. This is a time when classes are offered for personal in-depth Bible study, open group discussions, and Christian fellowship for the adults, and songs, Bible stories, and activities for various age groups.

Sabbath School starts at 11:00 am and lasts 1 hour until 12:00 pm.

Adult Sabbath School Groups

We have five small groups that meet throughout the church that follow a study guide. This study guide, also referred as the ‘quarterly’ covers a specific topic or book of the Bible every quarter. The quarterly is designed to be read during the week so that during Sabbath School, the class members are ready to discuss questions and topics raised in that lesson in small groups. The Adult Sabbath School always has a heavy focus on the Bible. All Seventh-day Adventists around the world use the same Sabbath school study guide, translated into the necessary languages. This study guide, which is free, can be picked up at the information desk in the foyer. An online version can also be found on the Sabbath School Net website, ssnet.org.

We also invite you to participate in a prayer group during this time. The Shekainah Sabbath School is a great opportunity to come together as the body of Christ and pray, lifting our hearts in silent and spoken prayers. Our prayer time , which is ‘pop-corn’ in style, begins with praise, then enters a time of confession, followed by a time of petition and requests and closes with a time of thanksgiving. Feel your spirit refreshed as you hear the prayers of fellow Christians.

Children’s Sabbath School Groups

From newborn babies to high school students, we have a class for every age! With so many great activities and songs, we are sure you will feel our passion for young people and their walk with Jesus.

Parents of children also have a place to meet. From 11:10 to 11:50 am, this class meets to discuss relevant issues facing parents of young children. The adjusted meeting time gives you a chance to take your children to their classes and pick them up.